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Cumberland-Oxford Community League

The Cumberland/Oxford Community League

The Cumberland Oxford Community League (COCL) works to improve your neighbourhood and the quality of life you, our residents, enjoy. Our primary focus is the provision of recreational, social, cultural, educational and sports programs.

Each league is entrusted by the City of Edmonton, through Edmonton Community Services, to look after neighbourhood park development. This includes tree planting and the development of play spaces such as playgrounds, skating rinks and tennis courts

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) is the representative and coordinating body for all community leagues in Edmonton.

Castle Downs Recreation Society

"Through leadership and active participation we are committed to fostering the development and enhancement of the quality of life in our neighbourhood."

The COCL is a member of the Castle Downs Recreation Society (CDRS), another organization working to make your community better. They have been instrumental in the construction of facilities in our area such as the Castle Downs Recreation Centre, the YMCA, as well as Castle Downs playground, water park and skateboard park. In addition to being involved in community issues in Castle Downs, the Society has worked with other organizations on issues of importance to North Edmonton.
The CDRS boundaries are north of 137 Ave to the city Boundary and west of 97 St to St. Albert Trail.  Its general purpose to promote community and bring all of the 6 Leagues under one umbrella to accomplish projects that individual communities cannot do.