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COCL Fundraising Policy

All sports registrants are required to fulfill fundraising commitments – one commitment per child, per sport. A $300 undated fundraising cheque is required at the time of registration for each commitment. Cheques will be held until a designated fundraising commitment (such as a Bingo, Bottle Drive, or other event) has been worked and will be either returned to you or shredded upon completion of the event. Fundraising dates are offered at the time of registration and your fundraiser will be confirmed at the time of registration. If you do NOT do the fundraiser that was assigned at registration, your cheque will be cashed. Please remember that it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to remember the fundraising dates. An attempt will be made to remind individuals of their fundraising dates but ultimately it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to remember.  All Bingo volunteers must be 18 years or older.

The COCL Executive have the option to reassign designated fundraisers due to event cancellations.

In registering your child with COCL sports, you are agreeing to the above fundraising policy and its terms and conditions.


Parents/guardians of sports registrants can fulfil their fundraising commitments by volunteering to work a Bingo. COCL typically works Bingos at the Castledowns Bingo Hall (12222 137 Ave). For full information about Bingo locations, schedules and procedures, check out our Bingo page.
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