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Cumberland Oxford Community League

Bingo Director and Assistants Needed


COCL is in urgent need of filling the positions related to the bingo fundraisers. Bingo is our bread and butter fundraising event. Much of what the community league is able to do for the community - from programs to playgrounds - is a result of the money that Bingo provides. Without the bingo fundraisers we would have to significantly reduce the amount of programming and projects as well as significantly raise the fees for programs like soccer or softball. One advantage to community sports is the affordability. The loss of the bingo fundraiser seriously puts that in jeopardy.
We are asking for community minded individuals to join our board and fill these positions. We run 12 bingos a year – usually one a month and the bingo chairperson (director or assistant) will be responsible for organizing the volunteers for that event by assigning positions, counting money and floats, and ensuring the event is as smooth as possible. They will need to be at the hall for 4:30 pm until the paperwork is balanced at the end of the event, usually a little after midnight.
We would like three people to share in this role so that the work is spread evenly. Only one director/assistant is needed per event.
If you or someone you know can fulfill this role please contact us as your involvement can make a massive difference to our community. Please contact for more information.

Spring Sports Registration

Registration events for spring sports are complete. To inquire about registering for spring soccer, softball or baseball, please contact one of our sports directors directly. Late registration fees may apply.

More details are available on the Soccer, Baseball and Softball pages.

Get Involved with the Hudson Rink!

Outdoor Rink / Sports Field at Hudson Park

The province has approved funding for an exciting new development in Hudson Park and we need your help to make it a reality! COCL is planning to build a permanent structure with ice and boards for the winter months, converting to summer sports in the spring. We’re looking for multiple volunteers to help with planning, coordinating and moving the project along, as well as some project management.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact the COCL President, Justin, at

Sidewalk Snow Removal

As a winter city, we all know that snow, and the removal of it, is inevitable.  We want to ensure our sidewalks are as safe as possible for those that need to use them. Our Community Standards Bylaw asks that property owners or tenants keep their adjacent city sidewalk clear of snow and ice to the pavement.  It is important to shovel the sidewalk as soon as possible after each snowfall to avoid a buildup that can then be difficult to deal with.

Please note sand can be used as a temporary measure to provide traction in icy areas. Free sand is available at community leagues and other places throughout Edmonton; visit for locations. A new sandbox was installed last year at Oxford Park (13040 155 Avenue).

Community members should be aware that there is a $100 fine associated with failure to keep the sidewalks clear of snow, as well, the cost for the contractor to clear the sidewalk is billed back to the property owner.

Check out the City of Edmonton website for more information and helpful resources.

Pets in the City

Being a responsible owner is much more than just giving your pet adequate care, food, water and shelter. You are also responsible for their actions. 

Control, license and clean up after your pet to keep Edmonton safe, clean and healthy for everyone – including you and your pet.

As a reminder, dogs are only allowed to be off-leash within the boundaries of designated off-leash areas. Beyond your yard, please make sure you keep your dog on a leash. You can walk your dog on-leash along any trail on parkland, city boulevards, or area that is signed on-leash.

According to City of Edmonton by-laws, dogs are not permitted on school grounds, playgrounds, sports fields or picnic sites.

Off-leash parks around our community league boundaries include Orval Allen Park and Berm (grassy berm east of 127 St from 153 to 167 Ave, including Orval Allen Park), Caernarvon (south boulevard on 153 Ave from 126 St to Castle Downs Road), and Wellington (west boulevard on 141 St. from 137 to 132 Ave., south side of 132 Ave. and 135 St.).

The City of Edmonton maintains a full listing of off-leash dog parks on their website.
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